My motto is


"Success is just over the edge of my comfort zone." 

I'm afraid of animals. I knew my husband's dream was to own a farm and that someday, his dream would come true. So here I am, at an age when people are downsizing, we up-sized big time and bought what was a horse farm that we converted into a goat farm.

Four years later, we have 20+ goats that I never dreamed I'd be taking care of. At first, I wouldn't touch them. Not only do I now touch them, I also medicate them orally, and have recently learned how to give them injections! Not bad for a girl who is still afraid of animals.


The chickens...

We'll see how long it takes me to warm up to them. Farmer Dave (my husband) was kind in getting me the type of chickens who are good with kids. I figured, it they are docile enough for kids, maybe they wouldn't hurt me. I think I'm more afraid of chickens than I am of goats!

Still not warm to these little creatures, but they're producing eggs, so now it's my idea to get more. Like to try some that lay blue eggs, so another two dozen will be joining the chicken coop soon!


Try it!

Anyway, if you have a fear, try going just over your comfort zone and ease into it. You may surprise yourself!